GROMIN Ltd.: full cycle of production of plastic packaging

We receive orders for the following:

  • Products manufacturing by means of injection molding, using customer molds.
  • Design and manufacture of molds for the further release of products by injection molding and extrusion blow molding.
  • Pad printing decoration.
  • Hot foil stamping decoration.

Over the years our friendly staff launched more than 60 exclusive products. Some of these products are available in the Exclusives section.



We carry a full cycle of production:

  • designer processing ideas
  • package design
  • making molds
  • manufacture packaging
  • method of hot stamping foil any complicated contours of images, texts by means of pad printing on any of the products up to 5 colors.

We offer the following types of decoration package:

  • Stamping. Applying paint the image (text) on the surface of products by hot stamping (gold, silver or other color)
  • Pad printing. Application of paint will forget about the problems of labeling. Вы получаете готовую упаковку с нанесенной на нее этикеткой You get the complete package coated with a label

We consult and give advice on:

  • choice of packaging for specific product
  • choose color packaging
  • choice of packaging design
  • development of design and manufacture your exclusive brand packaging.