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Jars. Series 68. 500, 250 ml

New 2012, 500 ml

Jars C500/68 500 ml capacity with two different covers will be commercially released in February 2013. Body, cover and gasket made ​​of polypropylene and can be transparent or opaque. Jar for creams, balms, revivorov and granular formulations.

New 2012, 250 ml

Table size of polypropylene jars C 250/68-23

Article H, mm h, mm D, mm Volume, ml
C 250/68-23 55 15.8 90 250


C250/68-23 jar with a cap KRC23 will be ready for mass production in late April. Made of polypropylene, consisting of two elements: the body and cap. Jar can be made transparent and opaque in any color scheme.

New 2011, 250 ml

Table size of polypropylene jars C 250/68-20

Article H, mm h, mm a, mm Volume, ml
C 250/68-20 56 16.7 90 250


C250/68-20 jar with a cap KRC20 put into serial production in 2011.

Material: polypropylene. Completion of two elements: the body and cap.

Can be made transparent and opaque. Any color scheme.

250 ml jars well suited for packaging a wide range of cosmetic products, including solids.

Along with the production of a jar you can order a decoration by using the methods of foiling and pad printing (up to 5 colors). This will give your finished product presentation, and you do not have to deal with additional problems of container labeling.