Баночки. Серия 68. 250 мл
Jars. Series 68. 500, 250 ml

New 2012, 500 ml

Jars C500/68 500 ml capacity with two different covers will be commercially released in February 2013. Body, cover and gasket made ​​of polypropylene and can be transparent or opaque. Jar for creams, balms, revivorov and granular formulations.

New 2012, 250 ml

Table size of polypropylene jars C 250/68-23

Article H, mm h, mm D, mm Volume, ml
C 250/68-23 55 15.8 90 250
  C250/68-23 jar with a cap KRC23 will be ready for mass production in late April. Made of polypropylene, consisting of two elements: the body and cap. Jar can be made transparent and opaque in any color scheme.

New 2011, 250 ml

Table size of polypropylene jars C 250/68-20

Article H, mm h, mm a, mm Volume, ml
C 250/68-20 56 16.7 90 250
  C250/68-20 jar with a cap KRC20 put into serial production in 2011. Material: polypropylene. Completion of two elements: the body and cap. Can be made transparent and opaque. Any color scheme. 250 ml jars well suited for packaging a wide range of cosmetic products, including solids. Along with the production of a jar you can order a decoration by using the methods of foiling and pad printing (up to 5 colors). This will give your finished product presentation, and you do not have to deal with additional problems of container labeling.
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Баночки. Серия 74. 500 мл
Jars. Series 74. 300, 400, 500 ml
Новинка 2020 года! Баночки (банки) пластиковые C300/74-16.1, C400/74-16.1, C500/74-16.1 вместимостью 500 мл с двумя вариантами крышек серийно выпускаются с февраля 2013 года. Корпус, крышка и прокладка изготавливаются из полипропилена и могут быть прозрачными или непрозрачными. Баночка подходит для кремов, бальзамов, ревиворов, а также сыпучих составов. Материал: полипропилен. Комплектация из двух элементов: корпус и крышка. Может быть изготовлена прозрачной и непрозрачной. Любое цветовое решение.
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Jars of 500 ml are suitable for creams, balms, revisors, as well as bulk compositions. Cosmetic products in jars with a capacity of 500 ml are very popular among buyers, due to its affordable price and ease of use.

The set of jars includes a case, a lid and a gasket, which reliably and accurately seal their contents. Jar parts are made of polypropylene and can be transparent or opaque.

All materials are approved for use in cosmetics, household chemicals and the food industry, as evidenced by the relevant certificates.

A variety of colors (over 600) used in the manufacture of jars, allows you to satisfy the most sophisticated tastes. The foil can be applied on the lid and body of the foil by hot stamping (gold, silver, a different color) and ink up to five colors by pad printing. This allows you to avoid label stickers and reduce the cost of packaging, and also gives the finished product a presentable look.